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Upholstery Batting 36 inches and 48 inches and 54 inches Wide Dacron Batting Batting Upholstery. Cushion Batting, Batting for Cushion, Bonded Upholst

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Product Code: DB-36, DB-48, DB-54

What is this product and what it is made of Dacron is a polyester batting and a kind of synthetic fiber and is the raw material of chemical fabrics, w

What is this product and it is made of

Dacron is a polyester batting and a kind of synthetic fiber and is the raw material of chemical fabrics, which itself is not a fabric. Dacron is the former name and its scientific name is polyester and full name is polyethylene glycol terephthalate. Dacron is used as wrapping around cushions to hide imperfections and uneven areas, creating a wrinkle free, rounded and soft cushion. Dacron is considered a thermoplastic polymer resin that originates from polyester fiber. They are very desirable due to the look that you get from using dacron. Your cushions will look like the first day your purchased them. There will be no wrinkles, no deflated cushions and they will look crisp and clean.Wrap it around a cushion and the fibers will stand vertically to hold its body and shape better than any polyester wrap in the market. Now, you only need one type of wrap to put over your foam before you cover it with fabric.

How you can use this product and what the differences are

People buy products like sofas, pillows and cushions all the time, looking for the best quality in them. Most will determine its quality depending on its softness and firmness, however, to truly find high quality upholstery you need more than these feelings.
Many materials, such as bamboo, cotton and others are used for wrapping, but Dacron is the best wrapping and padding material available.Compared to other fibers, polyester batting holds its shape and thickness. These fibers are preferred for sofas, cushions, cribs and beds. It's thicker but also lighter than most fabrics, on top of keeping you warm without the weight. It can also resist mold and mildew. It will always hold its shape with time.

What can this product do for you

Dacron cushions give your furniture and upholstery a fantastic look. Even after you’ve owned your cushions for a while, the cushions will still look like they did the first day you purchased them. No wrinkles making the cushions look deflated or squished, just clean and crisp lines.
This batting is a must need for your upholstery projects. It's fluffy, durable and non-allergenic. It's also nonabsorbent and mildew resistant.

How much and how this product will be available to him

Dacron is available in 5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards and 20 yards with a 36 inches width, 48 inches width, and 54 inches width. The 36 ninch wide bonded dacron upholstery weighs 1 lbsand is great for use in upholstery, decorative pillows, bedspreads and more. This multipurpose fiber is the best choice for cushioning or craft projects. The Dacron Fiber can be easily cut, wrapped around cushions or around your sofa. It smooths out bumps and can also be used in canvas inserts for dog beds. This one comes in 10 yards, 15 yards and even 20 yards for the largest cushions available at home.
You can buy our 5 inches option for less than 30 dollars. The 36 inches-2 yards batting costs $12.99, the 48 inches - 2 yards costs $18.99. This Material will be folded up, vacuumed & pushed down to a smaller size. Multiple yards sold in one continuous piece and it includes 100% Polyester Dacron and approximately 3/8 inches thick after packaging is opened.

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