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Our unique pillows are made with the best materials and will satisfy people who are eco-friendly. We consistently commit to quality which is apparent in our pillow designs and all our products are made in America. You'll enjoy the quality, look, and the way they feel.


Allergen-free and very comfortable, these pillow designs will keep their shape for months. Their inventive style and functional size make them a great value all-around. This pillow can be used outdoors, when used with an outdoor pillowcase case or cover. There's no downside to being eco-friendly and comfortable!


These pillows are filled with a material made completely from recycled plastic bottles and are hypo-allergenic. You get an excellent combination of comfort and durability while staying Eco-friendly.


The fabric forming this pillowcase is a high-quality, non-woven, and a polyester material.

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These premium pillow inserts are a great choice for those who are seeking to stay on a budget or need to purchase pillows sets in bulk. You will feel good about using an eco-friendly product. Decorators will enjoy finding a variety of ways using these fun and useful pillow inserts while staying Green.


You get the best value possible when you buy our pillow inserts. Our packaging and shipping process helps us keep prices low, while providing you with an American-made pillow insert.

Upholstery foam in USA